Fragile items such as glassware, artwork, antiques and other exquisite items have monetary value and can be sentimental for both the sender and the receiver. Therefore, ensuring the safety of these delicate items during transit is extremely important. As challenging as moving fragile items is, these easy tips will help you pack up fragile items and keep them safe during transport:

Take an Inventory of Your Fragile Items

Document the items that you need moved and make a comprehensive description of their current condition. Add any relevant information such as the production year, the brand, and the market price. You can take photos from all angles so that you spot any damage that may occur during transit. It is also important to have your items appraised and consider purchasing insurance for your fragile goods.

Use Proper Packaging Materials

Make sure that you use proper packaging materials for your breakables. This will include cushioning foams, strong cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, corrugated dividers or custom wooden crates. These supplies guarantee the best protection for your fragile goods.

Pack up Fragile Items for Shipping

Separate your fragile goods into categories with the like pieces put together. Different items have different methods of packaging.

●        Dishware

Each piece should be packed according to its structure. When packing plates, wrap each plate individually with bubble wrap and stack them vertically in an appropriately sized box. Use extra packing paper to separate the plates.

For glasses, fill the glass with crumpled paper then wrap the glass with packing paper. Place heavy glasses on the bottom and light glasses at the top.

●        Artwork

Paintings, statues, sculptures and other art pieces can be transported in custom-made wooden crates. Extra precaution should be taken when transporting oil paintings since they can melt in the heat and are easily damaged. Therefore, cover the front with an acid-free paper to protect it from moisture and dust, and transport the painting during cool temperatures.

●        Large Glass Items and Mirrors

Place painter’s tape on the glass in form of a star to absorb any vibration during transit and prevent the glass from shifting. Protect the edges with foam frame protectors and wrap the glass in bubble wrap.

●        Lampshades

Wrap each lampshade with acid-free paper and stack them on top of each other with packing paper in between.

●        Musical Instruments

Stringed instruments are sensitive to temperature changes. Therefore, slightly loosen the strings and pack the instrument in its case. For extra protection, you can cushion the instrument with old t-shirts.

Secure The Boxes and Label Them Clearly

Seal the boxes with packing tape and with bold capital letters, label your box with phrases like “THIS SIDE UP” or “FRAGILE”. This helps the mover identify which boxes contain fragile items.

Loading Boxes into Trucks

Handle the boxes with care. Avoid bumping or dropping your boxes. Secure the boxes inside the truck to prevent them from toppling over due to sudden movements of the truck. Make sure that nothing can fall on the boxes containing fragile items. Place heavy items at the bottom with the lighter ones on top to prevent the lighter ones from being compressed by heavier items. Secure large fragile items such as plasma TVs between soft pieces such as mattresses.


Drive carefully. Avoid taking sharp corners or hitting bumps as this might cause a lot of shifting of the goods in the truck and some might end up breaking.


Take extra care when unloading fragile items and taking them to their new place of storage. If the fragile items have any damages, alert your moving company immediately and file a claim.


The competence of the moving company that you hire will determine the outcome of your moving experience. Getshipment offers professional shipping and moving services for your fragile valuables. We are equipped with experienced professionals who will handle all your moving needs at affordable prices. The tips highlighted above are some of the best in the world of transportation and we hope they end up being of benefit to you.