Whether you are someone that gets lost all the time, and trust me there are many of us out there, or you are running a commercial delivery fleet most people at some point need the assistance of a navigation system. This not only ensure that you actually find the place, most times using one can also ensure that you arrive at your destination in the shortest possible time. Then what exactly is a telematics system and why might you need that?

Well telematics systems are simply put systems that monitor and record information about your journey such as starting and ending points, the route you have selected, any stops which you may have made. Some more advanced telematics systems however will also be able to tell you the average and maximum speeds, any sudden changes in speed and even the time of day during your trip. These types of systems used to be more for monitoring of commercial fleet vehicles, but today are built into most cars- normally more basic versions such as total distance travelled and average speed. More robust telematics systems do however come with modern navigation devices, such as satellite GPS systems.

Now there are many options for navigation systems, and many may find that they would like to get a navigation system or buy a vehicle that comes with a built-in navigation system. Usually you may want to make such an investment if you spend a great deal of time on the road, you enjoy long drives and road trips or you simply are just terrible with directions. The type of usage will generally determine your price range and the type of features you are looking for.

Some of the features to look out for however may include:

Voice Activation

Even though you are likely to input your trip before you start, sometimes you may want to make small changes or quickly stop at the nearest rest room and voice activation just makes life so much more convenient.

Map Packages

All navigation systems come with pre-loaded maps, but these will usually only cover your area you reside in so you may have to get additional maps for trips outside the country. You may also want to periodically invest in having your maps updated if you don’t get free updates to these.

Live Traffic

So often you leave from your starting point and by the time you are halfway through with your journey the route is completely congested. Live traffic updates enable your navigation system to update traffic and route information in real-time, making sure you don’t get caught off guard.

Device Size and Layout

Are you confortable with a smaller screen because listening to the voice prompts is sufficient or do you need a big screen as your kids are always making a noise? Additionally you may want a device which has touch screen functionality for ease of use, depending on your budget of course.

These are only some of the features, which many new smartphones do also provide, but perhaps on a less comprehensive scale. It all just depends on your specific need.