It’s been said that moving house is part of the trinity of evil (the other two being ending a relationship and finding a new job) so keeping a level head is essential if the move is to be a success.
There many potential pit falls that you can get into when moving and having had my fair share of moving experiences, I wanted to help people who are looking to make their next move stay happy and stress free.
From staying organised before your move date all the way to choosing the right removals company, let’s have a look at some of the ways you can keep it all together and pull off the move of the year.
Tip 1.) Cover the bases early and get all of the materials you need together before your move:
This sometimes gets overlooked because you don’t have a practical need for a handful of markers or packing tape in your day to day life. You don’t want to running out to a corner shop every 10 minutes for the small things you need. Below is a check list of the materials needed before you start packing.
  • Cardboard boxes of various sizes and thickness (Small, medium, large and heavy-duty)
  • Felt Markers
  • Box labels
  • Bubble wrap (lots of bubble wrap)
  • Newspaper for packing
  • Old blankets or duvets
Tip 2.) Pack up your house early starting from the least used rooms
Depending on the size of the house, you will want to allow for 1-2 boxes being fully packed per day in order to finish packing around your busy schedule. A month lead time should be good to pack up a large family home.
Tip 3.) Focus on one room at a time
Wanting to get everything done at the same time may run the risk of developing “headless chicken disorder” and you will end up packing up a little bit of everything without completing one thing fully. Focusing on one room at a time is great for the soul, not to mention staying organised.
Tip 4.) Minimise
Moving house is a great chance to get rid of clutter and slim down to the things that you really need. You would be amazed how many things we pay to have moved when we never use it. If you host a yard sale or car boot sale, you just might make few £ and help pay for the move.
Tip 5.) Label EVERYTHING…
There is nothing worse than going to all of this effort to stay on top of things just to discover that you have no idea what is actually in some of your boxes. Be sure to label on the top and sides of the box for easy viewing regardless of where the boxes get unpacked.
Finally, put your mind at ease by contacting a qualified removals company like this…and let someone else do the heavy lifting for you.
Happy Moving!