Proper packaging is important for parcel delivery or shipping. This is because the integrity of the package is maintained and safe transportation is guaranteed. Some of the best delivery services can be found at Getshipment. Below are some tips to ensure that your parcel is suitably packaged:

Choose the Best Tools to Get the Job Done

A significant number of parcels end up damaged due to wrong packaging and therefore, choosing the right tools when packaging a parcel for delivery is essential. Cardboard boxes, parcel straps, triangular tubes for rolled paper, strong parcel tape and jiffy bags are examples of good equipment that can be used for packaging. When choosing the best tools for packaging a parcel for delivery, your equipment should be of the correct size. A small box will not allow room for protective fillers and might result in overfilling while a large box will result in underfilling. 

Take Extra Care When Reusing Old Packaging

Old boxes are weaker and creased, and may not provide sufficient protection of your goods. This can be easily solved by reinforcing the box with extra packing tape. Old boxes may also contain previous shipping details and your package might end up being delivered to a wrong location.

Therefore, it is important to remove old labels to ensure that the package is delivered to the right address. If the box contains a ‘dangerous goods’ label, and the item being shipped does not belong to that category, cover up the label to prevent the item from being held up or sent back. 

Wrap Multiple Items Separately When Packaging a Parcel for Delivery 

Wrap items individually to protect them from colliding with each other whilst in transit and prevent sharp objects from puncturing the box.

Fill in The Empty Spaces

Use protective fillers such as polystyrene chips, shredded paper, crumpled paper, bubble wrap or polyethylene foam to cushion the items. This inner packaging is important since it protects the item by absorbing the kinetic energy that arises when the package is dropped or suffers the impact. It also prevents the items from moving around.

Take extra care when packing fragile items as they can easily break. They should be packed at the centre of the box and cushioned on all sides.

Create Double Walls When Packaging a Parcel for Delivery

Double walls reinforce the packaging material and are mostly recommended for heavier items. They can be created by firmly inserting corrugated cardboard on top of cushioning materials at the bottom, sides and top of the box.

Seal The Boxes Using The H Taping Method

H taping method is accomplished by applying packaging tape at the top and bottom seams and flaps. Avoid using household tape as it can break easily. Instead, use reinforced carbon tape or plastic tape.

Avoid Using Attractive Packaging

Attractive packaging such as gift-wrapping paper is susceptible to tear and does not offer maximum protection for the goods being transported. Alternative packaging methods should be considered.

Label The Parcel Clearly

Write the recipient postal code and address clearly. The label should not be covered by any packing tape to ensure legibility. We also advice inserting another label or writing the address