The world of a lorry driver is very different to the world of most other people. These drivers spend huge amounts of time on the road, driving at all hours and travelling very long distances. As such, routine tends to go out of the window, which can cause a real issue when it comes to things such as getting quality sleep and eating healthily. In terms of the latter, healthy eating is very important in a job like this because lorry drivers need to have the right nutrition to give them the energy that is required to drive safely for long periods. However, all too often drivers end up pulling up at service stations and cafes and then eating junk and processed foods.
As you can imagine, all of this junk and processed food eaten on a daily basis can pose a wide range of problems. In addition to making it harder to focus while on the road due to the sugar spikes and drops that this type of food can create, it can also mean an increase in then risk of various health problems. Constantly living off greasy food and processed food can lead to weight problems, high blood pressure, cardio problems, and more. With all this in mind, it is vital for lorry drivers to find ways of eating healthily while they are on the road.

Some Tips That Can Help

There are a number of tips that can help when it comes to eating healthily as a lorry driver. Of course, it can be more difficult for people in this profession to maintain a healthy diet because of the nature of the job and the hours worked. The odd greasy spoon cafe meal is therefore inevitable. However, as long as you try to eat healthily as much as possible, you can boost your energy levels and your health.
One thing to do is invest in a cool bag for your lorry. This makes it easier for you to stash healthy food and snacks as well as plenty of drinks such as water and keep them nicely chilled. You can then travel for long distances, stop off for a break, and eat then food and snacks from your cool bag. This eliminates the need to drive around looking for a place to eat, shelling out lots of money for an unhealthy meal, and having to survive on food that is full of carbs or sugar and has very little in the way of vitamins and minerals.
The other thing you need to watch is your portions. Some lorry drivers end up eating huge amounts when they do stop off, as they think they won’t get the chance to eat again for a long period. However, eating a huge amount of food can make you feel even more tired and bloated, which can make driving difficult. Instead, keep healthy snacks to hand in your lorry and then have sensible portions when you do stop off to eat somewhere.