When it comes to choosing the right transport for your needs, it’s important to consider factors involved in picking the best one and resting easy in the knowledge that your freight is safe and sound.
I have complied some of the more important factors to consider when signing on with a transport company and give you some valuable tips on what to look for.
  • Make sure the company is established and reputable in the industry – By doing a bit of due diligence and having a look on the internet could prevent any issues and potential disappointment. Make a few phone calls as well to gather further information and ask people who have used a similar service in the past.


  • Experience is invaluable – Once you have established the reputation of a company, look for a provable track record and ask the company for referrals. Previous customer referrals are usually a good way of gauging how successful the company has been in delivery.


  • Make sure that the transport company has the right level of insurance and is properly licensed –Any transport business that is above board will be able to provide proof of insurance and proper licencing. Also stay away from companies who offer a flat “release rate” because there is a strong possibility that they might cut corners and the release rate will be at a value that is worth a fraction of the contents worth.


  • Determine the level of service you will receive in advance –By speaking with the sales people or account managers for the business, you will be able to get a good idea of what you will receive for the cost quoted. Ask the company to provide the services in writing as well as this is a good indication of how they conduct business and if they won’t offer anything in writing they should be given a miss.


  • Ensure they have the right equipment for the job – If you are shipping a vehicle for instance, make sure that they have the right equipment available to meet your needs like trucks fitted with lift gates and winches for vehicles they don’t start.


  • Agree a cost with the company upfront – Most reputable companies are in close competition with eachother and will set a competitive rate to cover the work whist being fair to their customers. If the cost is too cheap, there is a strong chance the service will be cheap as well.


  • Conduct a close inspection of good before transport – Go over every inch of the goods you are shipping and take pictures of the condition of the goods before they are shipped, and when they arrive, to make sure everyone knows the condition before shipping. Make note of any scratches or dents and record the overall condition to stay on the safe side.


  • Take any other final precautions – inform the carrier of any hidden tricks or special instructions required to eliminate the risk of damage or improperhandling.