Life of a road freight driver or over the road drivers as they are often called might not be what people on the outside think it is. At least judging from what people on the inside have had to say, it is important to have an effective way to handle the stress. One thing we do know for sure is that being a road freight driver demands a lot of rigidity.

Manual labour plays a big role

Some road freight drivers’ job description requires some heavy lifting of the goods they convey, some hell of arm strength they need for that. Sitting in one position for long hours puts some unhealthy pressure on the spine after a while and could cause health complications over time. But, apart from the heavy lifting, road freight drivers are usually under a lot of mental stress. Indeed, this is from the long-hour demands of the job coupled with having to deal with traffic on a daily basis.
As you’d expect these drivers have to make quick decisions on how to get out of miserly road situations in order to arrive at their destinations on time. Not to mention the fatigue resulting from short rests, and the need to stay alert on the road through this state.

Unhealthy nutrition & lifestyle

Being a road freight driver means you sometimes eat traffic for breakfast and deal with annoying road users for lunch and sleeping all cramped up in a trailer for dinner. Oh! And a lot of junk food. They are not precisely presented with excellent dining food choices. Most of what they eat are bites grabbed during their thirty minutes break and eaten while on the wheels. We are talking lots of fast-food wraps, sweet wraps and cans of drinks.

Long hours, most especially if they work overtime jobs

Long hours spent driving to delivery points or having multiple delivery units, and having time-based deliveries with penalties for lateness is a norm for people with this career. This creates an unhealthy work-life balance. They miss their beds, their family and are lonely a lot of time with just a radio and their music to keep them company. When they have to drive for an extended period, there isn’t merely an option of taking a stroll as lots of other careers offer. This and their terrible pallet, in the long run, could lead to health issues that they more often than not ignore because they are too busy to see the doctor. The hours they get off, they just want to rest.

Gender equality, yet challenging

Like many industries, there has been an increase of women taking up this career option, and they are faced with their unique challenges too. Some of which are; flirting, harassment, stereotyping and little cooperation from their male colleagues, and the side talks. Just like the guys in the industry, most road freight drivers just want better food options, flexible hours and more nights spent with family and cosying up in the comfort of their bed and a little respect from their customers.