How to protect yourself in dangerous situations within the law

There may come a time when you must deliver cargo across borders or make a delivery in a potentially dangerous area and it is important to understand how you can protect yourself and your goods while being on the right side of the Law.
Clearly, you can’t be driving around with a machine gun in the cab or pack a giant sword in case things get hectic because that is illegal and shows intent of bodily harm. You can however, equip yourself with self defence equipment that will subdue someone who may be waiting to break into your cab or cause harm to you on the road.
EyeAid Personal Defence Spray – This canister style spray is perfectly legal in the UK and has a built-in dye that stays on clothes and skin for days for easy identification by police. This canister is a three-way deterrent due to its look and size. This spray is used by workers all over the UK including taxi drivers, security and doormen.
PepperSpray – Also a great option for close quarter contact and again, perfectly legal in the UK. PepperSpray can be concealed in a bag or glove box in your cab and used quickly if you get into a dangerous situation.

Practical suggestions for defending your cargo and yourself

If you are reluctant to go down the personal protection route, there are more practical ways to keep yourself safe and protect your cargo.
Always being aware of your surroundings – Be aware of dark areas if you need to stop of any reason and keep an eye on your mirrors etc. You stand a better chance of seeing danger develop if you are always aware of what’s happening around you.
Always plan your own route – By ensuring that you are aware of exactly where you are going and how best to get there, you reduce the risk of discovering that roads are closed or ending up somewhere that you shouldn’t be.
Always keep in contact with someone who know where you are – This might sound obvious but keeping in contact with someone over the phone will always keep you on someone’s radar in case they don’t hear back from you. Regular check-ins over long haul trips are recommended.
Don’t keep valuables in the cab or break up and distribute valuables in different areas – It is necessary to have some valaubles locked up in the cab but try to keep things in different areas and distributed in safe places around the cab to reduce temptation form thieves. Investing in a cab safe or mounted lock box is always a good idea to keep money and valuables safe.
Make sure your phone has charge – I’m guilty of this one. My phone is never fully charged but If I need to go on the road, I always make sure that my phone is good to go and bring a power bank with me just in case. Power banks are a life saver if you ever need a charge and are cheap to buy.