The recent years have initiated a noteworthy change in the transport, freight forwarding and logistics industries mainly due to the invention of freight exchange platforms. Following this massive shift, companies are adopting this new model to replace their old model of order collection and delivery.

With these platforms, users can connect their national and international shipments, and freight brokers can monitor their fleets to ensure they reach their full capacity.

In the UK, DfT or the Department for Transport has released the “Freight Carbon Review”. The review investigates the measures DfT aims to cut down CO2 emissions by 2030. Interestingly, DfT suggests collaboration and reducing backloads as a critical measure for decarbonisation. Indeed, this provides a strong reason for the continued use of freight exchange platforms.

Without further ado, here are some of the benefits of a transport exchange platform.

Quickly Find Delivery Work

Without any surprise, this is one of the most significant benefits of being a member of a transport or freight exchange platform. Getting thousands of deliveries each day can help your business generate revenue and growth. For instance, a platform like GetShipment gives you access to thousands of available delivery jobs daily. And with a variety of loading options (partial, fully loaded, courier, trucking, etc.) you have the choice to select the best job regarding your suitability, route and price.

Increase Time Management

Good time management plays a huge role and is in the centre of every successful business. Shipping companies that are members of transport exchange platforms can tell you how much time they save each day on processes. The days when you’d need to make numerous calls to find out if your contacts have a load or two are almost over. Being able to access vast inventories of different companies in real time can save you day-to-day hours of work. Moreover, you can also find more transport and shipping contracts to help your business grow.

Strengthen Your Reputation

Being a member of a transport or courier exchange platform can help enhance your company’s image and reputation within your industry. The transportation industry is filled with a wide variety of customers, operators and contractors, and people want to quickly and positively build their reputation. You can strengthen your reputation by providing quality service, whether it’s delivering goods or sub-contracting. Most major freight exchange networks evaluate each completed delivery, and if you maintain the quality of service, you can quickly establish a “five-star” reputation.

Get Important Industry Contacts.

When you finally become a member of a Freight Exchange platform like GetShipment, you will embrace an entirely new world or industry contacts at the click of a button. If you are looking for delivery jobs, courier jobs, backloads, empty cars, shipping contracts and even owner drivers, then you can find all you are after and more on these platforms. Of course, these opportunities will allow you to build long-lasting relationships with players in the industry to drive your business forward.

Help Improve the Environment

It may not be your most likely reason to join a freight exchange, but this is a huge benefit even for the government in the plight to cut down greenhouse gases. Hence, when you become a member of a freight exchange, you begin to see obvious benefits, such as increasing your eco-friendly value. It is worth noting that while reducing airfreight by retrieving goods on the cargo exchange, you can also reduce your carbon dioxide emissions and the footprint of the transport industry.