There is a whole universe of brand new possibilities waiting for you on Getshipment. Create your professional profile and benefit from our unique services. Let us help you:
  • Eliminate dead mileage and increase your net profits
  • Build long-term business partnerships and loyal clientele
  • Keep track of your competitors and current trends

Whether your business deals with parcel delivery, removals, pallet delivery, car transport, transport of animals or courier services, Getshipment will help you grow and thrive. Our goal is to create safe, convenient and mutually beneficial business environment for all transportation professionals and their customers. To demonstrate just how much we appreciate your trust, your Getshipment membership for first two weeks is completely free!

What do we need from you?

Creating a professional profile on Getshipment is not rocket science and the whole process is completed in few simple steps.


We are totally aware of how vague term “transportation” is. To make sure that you won´t be paying for anything that´s actually useless to you, we created four different membership levels from which you can choose:

Carriers with vans represent the broad base of our carriers. Capacity of their vehicles has its limits and in order to meet them half-way, we are offering our lowest membership fees. Through your man-with-a-van profile, you will be able to access all orders for transport up to 3.5 tonnes. You can also benefit from our SMS and email notifications, integrated maps of orders and flexible communication modules.

Membership fees (first two weeks completely free!):

Hauliers with trucks can use specialized variety of membership allowing them to access all orders exceeding 7.5 tonnes. This way you can be sure to receive only the orders allowing you to make full use of your vehicle´s capacity. Of course, you also benefit from our wide range of convenient features – notification by SMS and e-mails, access to interactive maps and direct communication with customers.

Membership fees (first two weeks completely free!):

Combined membership (PRO) is ideal choice for those who have a number of different vehicles – removal companies, delivery services or specialists for international haulage. From single account, you gain instant access to orders from the both aforementioned categories. This + all of Getshipment´s standard features for only slightly increased membership.

Membership fees (first two weeks completely free!):

Freight forwarders represent entirely separate category in the world of transit services. Therefore we offer them a tailor-made membership packed with handy features. In addition to unlimited access to all orders, you can also place your own orders and create a reliable business network consisting of Getshipment´s reliable carriers. There´s also one extra feature – your account can be accessed and managed by two different individuals.


Your profile allows you to provide your customers with all relevant information about you and your services. Specify what types of vehicles you possess and what are your terms, conditions and policies. This will give you immediate flow of the most relevant contracts and avoid misunderstandings and “communication noise”.

Your profile also hosts reviews and ratings published by your real customers. Forget about overpriced advertisement – with Getshipment, your good and honest service is all you need to attract new customers.


In order to offer our customers the highest possible level of reliability and safety – and relieve you from unqualified and questionable competition- in the next step you will be asked to provide us copies of some important documents (insurances for vehicles and transported goods, public liability, employer liability etc.).

To eliminate any fraudulent use of your personal information on Getshipment, we will also ask you to verify your identity.


All done! You became Getshipment´s registered carrier and you can start preparing for your new customers. Set up notifications via email or SMS so that you don´t miss any interesting order. Get to know our practical scheduler that allows you to filter orders by your current location or route. Create a watchlist of interesting orders before placing a bid.

And remember – the bid you enter makes up your final profit – Getshipment doesn´t charge any additional fees!

If you encounter any problems while using Getshipment, do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service is always at your disposal.