Well there’s isn’t really a ‘typical’ day when it comes to being a lorry driver as every day is unique, even though most people when looking in through the window may just see someone humming along to the radio while trying to will their way through traffic. Well I suppose that being on the road, whether it’s clear open roads and blue skies, or bumper to bumper traffic is at the core of the job- but it’s just so much more than that.

Safety First

First thing is first, and that is always ensuring your and other road users’ safety. For this reason a lorry driver will do a safety inspection of their vehicle as soon as they get in. Well maybe after their morning cup of coffee, which is almost a given for most drivers, but tea works too. During this checklist routine, the driver will perform a check on the tyres, indicators, lights, hooter and lubricant levels in the lorry- and of course see that none of the warning lights are on. As soon as this is done, we are good to go. Depending on the company there may also be a quick meeting the beginning of the shift but this isn’t cast in stone.

Goods for Delivery

Now to get loaded up with the goods for delivery- some companies may load their vehicles before the driver gets in, some may load their vehicles after the driver gets in and some drivers will still have to go and fetch their cargo. Short distance drop offs will usually involve several small trips for the day while longer distance customers or sites may only entail one or two deliveries for the day. Important to note, is that each time a lorry gets loaded it is up to the driver to ensure that all packing is done securely without compromising the safety of the package or cargo.

While a lorry driver is on the road he is never alone, as there’s always the sometimes warm, sometimes quirky and sometimes frantic voice of dispatch workers to keep them company. That and some great tunes if they can just find the right radio station, or maybe they prefer a special music playlist for a long day. Different strokes for different folks.

Happy Client

What makes the day so rewarding however is being able to drop off a package for a happy client. Tending to and chatting with client is a major part of the job, and usually if you see a grumpy lorry driver they probably having a really bad day, because being polite and happy is essential to making sure the client is happy and it just makes the whole day worth-while.

Apart of these core parts of a ‘normal’ lorry driver’s day there’s always something new to see while on the road or interesting people to meet and of course great places to try out during lunch time. Lorry drivers get to know the city or town they work in so well, and not only the roads and routes, but also the people and places.